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“Coffee with Milk: Very Good Moment”

“Kape’t Gatas” like black and white is usually an analogy for that of opposing attributes. Like us, OA (O and A), we’re different from each other… We’re very much like coffee and milk. As to the actual coffee and milk, seldom do we recognize both its complementing factors considering the compounding of its elements. It becomes […]

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Bibingka at Bistro Lokal

Bistro Lokal: The Best Through Local Gastronomy

Or perhaps, “Best True Local…” as true to their passion and objective through the worthiness of something local. Yes, Bistro Lokal is arguably Baguio’s best local restaurant serving gastronomic delights through local ~ cuisine, produce, variation, experience and whatnot even for the discerning as much as deserving palate. Bistro Lokal is a must-try for both

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Sago't Gulaman at Bagong Bayani

Bagong Bayani: Heroic Means to Quench the Dry Spell

Who is this Bagong Bayani? These products somehow influenced the status quo. It apparently commanded a hefty price which included the cost of a status symbol. It emptied wallets, it dried up resources. It muddled up priorities… Though the small-scale competitors were competitive in aspects that mattered, commercialism’s upscale marketing scorched them dry in the

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Pancake House: A Choice of Reassuring Goodness

It was reassuring indeed how Pancake House is reminding us of their “Choose To Feel Good” campaign with a significant ad and other yet-to-be-released video clips on how we should positively address certain life-changing situations. It’s how we react that makes a lot of difference. True enough, corresponding with Pancake House ‘s delectable treats, comfort foods become

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3BU: “A Capsulated 3BU’t”

3BU Hostel, a community, an experience and a friendship-based place to stay in… When it comes to (say) a “health remedy”, there’s the branded and the generic… Much like accommodations, there are the star-rated hotels and there are the others… Too many actually and sometimes if not usually, it’s just a place to crash-in after

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Charley’s Bar at C Boutique Hotel

It’s a rainy afternoon, of course, it’s the monsoon season already, it’s the perfect time to pick up drinking, so that’s why I’m heading out to meet friends at Charley’s Bar. OMG, I’m kidding.😂 Actually, the monsoon season for me is perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in the fireplace, movie marathons

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