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“Coffee with Milk: Very Good Moment”

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“Kape’t Gatas” like black and white is usually an analogy for that of opposing attributes. Like us, OA (O and A), we’re different from each other… We’re very much like coffee and milk. As to the actual coffee and milk, seldom do we recognize both its complementing factors considering the compounding of its elements. It becomes a varied component on its own while it likewise neutralizes the contributing factor as to its now distinct end-product. What’s rather elemental in making a difference though are the right ingredients.

And true enough, right in the mix is Alaska Milk. I recently saw again this classic Alaska TV ad from way back which brought back some nostalgic vibe when almost 50 years ago, I was a kid who got fascinated with this young boy gaining on a much taller player over a game of basketball. I thought I’d get to similarly say “Wala pa ding tatalo sa Alaska!” by being “Alagang Alaska”… Now that I’m 50, more than having a better understanding as to how things really work, I’m more of a coffee drinker. However, with all the various mixes, flavors and blends, I still prefer brewed coffee with milk instead of creamer. Much like knowing now how milk, no matter how it may neutralize a black coffee, coffee is still what it is called, of course being the dominant component. However, milk makes a lot of difference. And the richer the milk is, the creamier the blend will be…

Among other nutritional values of both commodities, combine even just the antioxidant of coffee and milk’s calcium, you’d be up and about… Up and about indeed, I thought I’d channel my eldest daughter’s new role as barista for Starbucks and could as well be in-the-know when it comes to coffee. Not exactly a coffee connoisseur but the thought of getting into coffee mixology (if that’s even a thing) intrigued me considering how my now barista daughter would likely fare as a newbie while learning the tricks of the trade. I want her to be like “Alaska” (for her to ace it ~ “Alas ka”) if only to gain that confidence that indeed, “Wala pa din tatalo sa Alaska.” Accordingly, I got to know about this barista competition which I thought I’d get my daughter to check out before she even start “misspelling customers’ names” over at the high end of the coffee scene… Lo and behold, it’s an Alaska Milk Corporation-sponsored event! Yet what do you know, it’ll be in Puerto Princesa… Shoot! Much like that Alaska kid shooting that ball over a professional basketball player, going to Puerto Princesa is going to be a tall order. I’ll just get my usual “tall” order during my first “princesa’s” shift I guess…

As simple as ABC (Alaska Barista Competition), Alaska Milk Corporation seem to live up to their claim for an objective in helping nourish Filipino dreams, as well as highlight affordability. Yes, affordability! That’s what actually caught my attention. Reasonably speaking though, the thought of latte art and the like associated with richness in every sense, however created with practical ingredients, is that art is about the complementing story behind the aesthetics as much as edibles’ “full flavor” that goes with its similarly tasteful impression. That’s probably why Alaska Milk would rather put more value on: Taste Quality, 40% which corresponds with Originality or the recipe’s uniqueness’ 40% as well, while Concept and Creativity at 20% for the judging criteria. Basing it from this order of significance, despite Alaska Milk’s richness with their 100% cow’s milk for an ingredient, their sense of priority apparently is not about their clout but their contribution to society and the economy much like how milk makes such cream-of-the-crop difference for its seemingly supporting but integral role. All of a sudden, I can relate to “milk” as much as being “Alagang Alaska” overcoming bigger odds… Similarly how an underdog is against “branded adversaries” amidst status-defining populace or even status symbol-depicting society, reality is that cost-efficiency is a practical outlay even among those who can afford. And Alaska Fresh for an ingredient to a coffee and milk blend, may it be white coffee or café au lait, it arouses your senses as much as it fills your coffee fix. It’s not about how the use of expensive ingredients make it all the more affluent in a way. Substance is what differentiates the same mix but of comparably-different ingredients which justifies worthiness much like value for money…

The Alaska Barista Competition will be a “milk and honey” sort of avenue for all its worth and for everyone concerned with its staging. It could benchmark a credible barista competition sans the seeming exclusive opportunism for celebrated big names but hope. An aspiration that’s founded on one’s innate aptitude and passion. It has the potential to be the “Oscars” of such coffee mixing competition considerably based on rawness of talents and unknown competitors as it’s likely far from being dictated by influence. Possibly, an avenue for underdogs to showcase their potential and ace it (“Alas ka”) in a competition wherein they’ll be up against standards and gauged through qualitative merits rather than a familiar name, a distinguished title or a popular brand. A good training ground so to speak. Much like Alaska Fresh Milk being 100% cow’s milk however underrated (do consumers even bother to find out seemingly maintaining a status quo with creamer being a preferential option over milk as coffee neutralizer)… Alaska Fresh has more than twenty essential nutrients that are high in calcium and good protein source which brings us back from 50 years ago when a boy’s winning moment was acknowledged by his much bigger adversary with “Galing mo men!” Accordingly, we can say the same to would-be contenders and winners of the upcoming Alaska Barista Competition as it’s going to be some “Galing” moment! Galing ng likha! Galing na kakaiba! Galing ng lasa! Galing n’yo men!

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