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The Top 10 Rest-au’-rants in the World

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‘Restaurant’ is actually a derivation from “REST” and “AURA” as conceptualized to rather address consumers’ further tiredness and to just set a vibe corresponding with ambiance, feelings, flavor, etc.

Until such joint was established from a regular go-to-place to a hang-out spot for people to likewise “RANT” (ranging from food to food-for-thought and complaints of “too tired to cook or do the dishes; tired of leftovers; wasn’t able to do grocery” among others seemingly justifying why they’re there…) .

Hence, a place we can rather conserve our “energy”, satisfy our craving for a certain “emotion” and “express” whatever feelings (or fillings) – RESTAURANT.

Ok that’s not true. I just made that up. But then, the whole point of this is for you not to take our word for it, (we mean) on restaurant and food reviews, try it yourself as much as we live by our mantra: “Taste is in the tongue of the consumer.” ; While our cravings set the mood, your ravings make it all good.

Yup, we have different tastes.

Though that’s a fact, it somehow gets “over cooked” (f**ked up) instead when consumers rather take someone else’s point of view rather than their own “pint of juice” that either make or break the concerned food establishment. Like a pint of juice, it serves to quench one’s own thirst, satisfy the taste buds, set the mood, indulge one’s preference/cravings (or even “courteously” kill time for those who linger in restaurants with their one cup/glass of drink to last their whole stay) and not for anything else for someone else’s… Whether you’ll sip or guzzle it down, its consumption as much as how it’ll serve you right depends on who’s drinking it.

Take for example the “list of best restaurants somewhere or by some social/media network”; more than being based on an impartial equilibrium and calculable criteria, it’s apparently based on the potential of its social media inducement benefiting the writer/blogger (or the blog site) more than the establishments…

However, quite a lot of restaurant owners/management capitalize on these kinds of social media mileage, thus are willing to pay (may it be in the form of free meal, loot bags/freebies or what-have-you) in exchange for a good review (even without a follow-through). Even more unfortunate is that there are bloggers who “invite” themselves for the “unnatural x-deal” instead of living up to the initial and real essence of blogging, nonpartisan supposedly…

And what’s really making this sort of thing thrive is that a lot of consumers actually believe it rather than trusting their own taste and assessment. Whereas for the business owners/management, if you really trust in your product to even consider it for public consumption, why even engage in such “unreliable truth”? The problem is when consumers have tried it and proved otherwise, they’ll refute such claim, in a way, jeopardizing a “repeat business”…

Jeopardizing the truth with your biased assessment and even jeopardizing your “sense of taste”… What should rather be is that “don’t put other people’s words in your mouth but the food…”

And how many times did they even have it without weighing in on consistency given how regular servings could differ from having been prepared or cooked for all its marketing value and media mileage worth? And have they tested every restaurant as much as every offering therein if only to assess things vis-à-vis a commensurate item…

Come on! Really? What’s even your criteria for the “best” under the circumstance that, as mentioned, we have varying tastes? The best for you might not be the best for others. It’s limited to your “OA – Own Assumption” yet only a suggestion for others to try and prove for themselves…

Will we be the same when comparing the same kind of food cooked by someone we know as compared to that of some treat prepared by some stranger perhaps? Are food critics as critical when gauging their loved-one’s cooking or perhaps towards a paying sponsor? Or are they as calculative not to be hurtful, however, somewhat partial or insincere (for all its “trade-in” value)? Full to fool? You’re the one eating yet who are you convincing/fooling? As social media influencers, we believe that you should influence yourself first… And should you be as truthful, how outspoken could you get without putting on BS (“Baseless Straightforwardness”)?

Yup, “eats” OA. We’re OA that way; as OA as we likewise have varying tastes.

More than mileage, we’re “serving” credibility.

However, “eats” as normal as limited to “Our Appetite”… OA might as well stand for “Opinion of Ane” or that of mine – “Omeng’s Account”… Together, ‘EatsOA’.

And as normal as ordinary individuals who “grill” for the truth and as natural as “grilling using (*char)coal”, as a family though with dissimilar yet at times with complementing tastes, we often do it with our daughter “C” and son “L” – together, there’ll be either different or akin (pun intended) however impartial take on food joints and its offerings as to how it’ll be “COAL grilled” (but yet again, that *”char” might as well be for “charot”, don’t just take our word for it; taste/try it for yourself)…

It likewise serves as some bonding moment for the four of us “Four The Wean” ~ yup, we wean ourselves into it; we accustom ourselves in going about “eat” without depending on someone/thing to “feed us”… We believe that every food trade/establishment’s engagement in such a business is an invitation in itself as it’s their intended purpose in the first place.

Thus, we are to try simply because we want to eat for all its necessitated worth. Similarly, we are thankful for such an opportunity for a blessing which includes all the choices and efforts put therein by the restaurant’s management and staff – we are “OA” – Outwardly Appreciative

Oh yeah, “Eats OA” as it could be (as much as “It’s so ‘A'” or “It’s ‘O’ ah!”)… – That’s “Eat, sO A'” , you gonna try it? Eat’s up to you, barbeque. Bring it on, chicharon… That’s ‘eat’, pancit, EatsOA all the way!

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