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OA Foyer at Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room

‘Eat Your Heart Out’ Doesn’t COSTA’lot

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Like “Eat your heart out” as some idiom which suggests eating however there’s really no actual food involved, same could be the reason for that of Mount Costa to be featured here as an ‘Eats OA’ post, it feeds your senses…

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and by all means, there’ll be a lot of “eating”; from eating in a fancy restaurant to having your budget eaten by all these “romantic clichés” for an influence. Unfortunately as it seems, spending quite a substantial amount is what’s rather deemed as impressive ~ talk about impressing your date. Love doesn’t (financially) cost a thing, true love that is. There are, however, times wherein you have to shell out some cash for a loved one in order to make it all the more special.

Koi Pond at Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room
Yup, they have a natural-looking man-made koi pond…

Nonetheless, to rather impress, going out of your way to give her (or him) something you’d just naturally provide without spending, say whipping up a simple home-cooked dinner, it still amounts to something as a matter of fact… But you may never see it to be an extravagance as it’s all worth it for that special someone. Same thing with how you are to spend time together…

Walk to Remember at Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room
Make it a “walk to remember”

If you want a date to go as naturally smooth and as spontaneous as “your feelings”, perhaps to an extent you’d hopefully hear that “Sweet Yes!”, then bring her where nature itself could be a witness to such intuitive commitment.

OA Foyer at Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room
It openly welcomed ‘Eats OA‘ as Mount Costa’s “foyer” is “OA” (Open Area)

EatsOA suggests that you go on a date at Mount Costa. While the entrance fee may be outwardly steep (P350 per head, P250 each for students with ID), it’s as equivalently dear as who you are with as much as it’ll be comparably valuable with what you will be nourished with. It’ll be like spending for a steak dinner yet it’s more of a “food for the soul” kind of experience that’ll make it extra memorable.

Relive at Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room
“Submerge into possibilities, emerge regenerated”

Though, it’ll depend on how you’d spend your time there together, it’ll be like fine dining yet impulsively having fish balls at the same time. An hors d’oeuvre to a banquet of memories and attachments that’ll feed the quintessence of your relationship. You get to establish a certain bond in what could likely be your “special place” (you know how it’ll never be the same with someone else going back? or at least, it’ll be some “significant spot” for a time…) “Carpe Diem” so they say.

They also “serve pork”… I like mine, ‘”well d’ANE”

Another thing is that Mount Costa offers picturesque settings which today’s generation may find it as “social media worthy” and quite opportunely, it could similarly be a way for you to shout it out to the world how you truly feel. On the other hand, it’s located in a tucked away mountain over at Lamtang, La Trinidad; which could likewise be considered by and for discreet lovers as some “secret haven”. A hidden paradise made to be found as, indeed, you will find nurturing gratification.

Thus this coming Hearts’ Day as some onset to a lasting impression, before “fillings”, consume enough sustenance instead for your feelings… Either you get to have a taste of “organic affection” or savor on satiating your cravings for a big serving of “sizzling endearment” at Mount Costa. As for the a-MOUNT, it actually COSTA’ little for a rewarding experience. And it’ll be worth every minute with your loved one. After which for all you know, it’s a realization even sealed with a kiss… by then, you can say, “Eat your heart out!’

Picnic Area at Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room
Lunch date made idyllic by the lush greenery under a thick foliage filtered by fog as a backdrop…

Mt. Costa: The Green Living Room
Lamtang Road, La Trinidad, Benguet
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