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Eats OA Fam at Shell Bike Fair 2017

PapaSHELL-paSHELL with ‘V Power’

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Food for the soul serving to be a sustenance for our quintessence… It’s what time is to us. Precious time spent together. Family time that is. “V Power(ed) time.

While most of what’s in here are edible food as expected, likewise featured at times are “food for the soul” kind of nourishment that’s essential for our being. “Eats OA” as we are, once in a while, “Eats Obsessively Abstract”… “Eat” is after all what feeds our senses; what non-materially keeps us going. 

Outride Anything with Shell Advance
Now, we’re talking, how “OA” is that ~ “Outride Anything”

And going, we are… Planning to go on an out of town (food)trip soon, first, we thought of feeding our old reliable family transporter, Dingdong. “Dingdong Avanza-do”, get it? Oh well, anyway, he’s been with us as the family’s “5th wheel” since legalizing his being part of the fam from Toyota Baguio “carphanage” back in 2007. Thus, he’s 10 years old now. As healthy as he has always been except for a few occasional bumps and scratches, he never gave up on us. He is well-fed with the right nutrients so to speak.

Is your ride protected? - Shell
Is it?

From distilled water to what fuels his energy, it’s well consumed with his moderate appetite and his favorite is Shell. We, of course, try to take care of him further with his periodic maintenance just to make sure his “CARlesterOIL” level is in check. He consumes other fuels once in a while but he never responds better than when quenching his thirst with Shell as if to validate that indeed, “every drop counts”.

We’ve been using Shell for quite some time now and the difference is reassuring. As the family man behind Dingdong’s wheel, steering the family to safety, I want to be assured of (hassle-)freely getting to whatever appointment and rather away from disappointments. I can attest as to how my “steering principle” for our driver-driven relations with Dingdong has been smooth as the fuel could have ignited it. However there may be more probable factors, nevertheless, you can really feel that fluid transition for a difference with Shell fuel. With each of your family member’s life in your hands, you likewise entrust it to every possible element. I’m not taking chances… We “SHELL” feel at ease and I “SHELL” feel complacent about it…

Shell Bike Fair 2017
“Pit Stop”
O and Kids at the Shell Bike Fair 2017
“Vroom Vroom!!”

With such care for Dingdong, we likewise cared to go to the Shell Bike Fair 2017 recently (their 3rd actually) at the CAP Convention Center in Camp John Hay. Other than I’m also into motorcycles,

O at Shell Bike Fair 2017
“O, Eats His Royal Shell-ness”

we went there to be a witness as to how Shell stages this annual event as some dessert they “give back” to their consumers. It is also to see how they’re passionate enough to care by evolving from a mere gas station to a more engaging pit stop considering that we travel a lot. There is that comforting presence along the road where you can actually stop over to “refuel” in every possible sense, as well as to kick-start our senses for a more invigorating trip. That “V” in ‘V Power’ might as well stand for “Vitality”…

Eats OA Fam at the Shell Bike Fair 2017
Yup, we’ll conquer the road “a head” with Shell

Thus, as a traveling family with Dingdong, we are fueled with V Power by our driven passion for family adventure wherever it may take us… “Team EatsOA” vouches for Shell as food for our “V“: Vehicle for our Vivid escapade or for whatever Venture we take as we’re Vocal about it through our Vocabulary via our blogs or Voice by means of Vlogs about our  Vast enthusiasm for Validation, Veracity or within the Verge of Virtuousness as we Veer away from vilification as we Vouch for Viable Viewpoints.

Ducati at the Shell Bike Fair 2017

And as if it’s not trusted by similarly globally renowned brands such as Ferrari, BMW and Ducati… If that’s not “V Power” as it is, then it must be “V(ery) Power(full)!

A and Kids at Shell Bike Fair 2017
so with my 3 partners… travel buddies

You don’t have to take my word for it, you SHELL try it.

O met Makina at the Shell Bike Fair 2017
As much as he tries every thing… Yeah, with “the machine” err ‘Makina’ himself …and ‘Zach’ a cool guy he is…
Eats OA Fam at the Shell Bike Fair 2017
Yeah, Vamos! See you around

Here are a few more photos from our “fit stop over”:

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