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Eats OA Fam at Pudgy Pudding

Pudgy Pudding: “Pudding Eat Together”

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When we were kids, my brother and I had the task of buying bread (pandesal) early in the morning at a corner store by the road’s entryway to where we reside. Our father usually gave us a little extra for other treats as some form of reward for running an errand. For a toothsome reason, our choice for a treat wasn’t really an option between selections as we were already keen on having one thing – pudding. It was a delightful and comforting indulgence. It became my benchmark as to how and what pudding should be…

That store then has long ago given way to commercialism. Throughout the years, I’ve had a variety of other puddings and likewise with diversified commercial value. Each has its own f(l)avorable delectability.

Pudgy Pudding - "Pudding (pang) 4-Ever!"
“Pudding (pang) 4-Ever!”

My epitome for a good pudding may somehow be predisposed based on my “young tastebuds” apparently yet-unseasoned from a wide array of tasty eatables back then, yet I appreciate similarly luscious varieties and flavors. As a matter of fact, there are better tasting puddings, however, it’ll be a cherishing affair reminiscent of a “mouthful of good times” should the same kind of pudding find its way into my sense of cravings.

Pudgy Pudding - "Father's Day-sert"
“Father’s Day-sert”

Then came Pudgy Pudding. After an early Fathers’ Day dinner, we went for dessert. It was after all “my day” so, in a way, I had that yearning to satisfy not just my curious tastebuds but that moment back in time. That time when that “pudding episode” as a simple joy actually came to be special because it was an appreciative incentive from our father. It was indeed a “rewarding” experience. Thus, as a fitting Fathers’ Day relish, I thought of sharing to my kids that “pudding story” with what could be their generation’s “pudding experience” at Pudgy Pudding.

Pudgy Pudding

“Pudding eat together”, Pudgy Pudding could indeed be the modern version of that “corner store” back in my childhood… Similarly located in a corner at the G/F of EDCO Building along Marcos Highway, it’s likewise welcoming – “Oh yellow there!” Like the yellow smiley emoticon, a man behind the counter greeted us with a smile, apparently reflective of the warm vibe the place exudes.

As if to validate that we’re indeed welcome, as soon as we opened what we came there for, it was smiling at us. We haven’t scooped down on it just yet and it was already telling us “pudding ngumiti”

Pudgy Pudding - "Ngiting Ah Sooo Good!"
“Ngiting Ah Sooo Good!”

“Why not Chocnut!”  That “sweet smile” had that chocolatey coconut taste to it of which was only a prelude to the layers of varied delightful flavors one is to smile about… And just when you’re enjoying one layer of flavor, you get to experience another one then the next, as much as you get to sense a different texture and consistency. It’s like those 3-in-1 or more flavors of ice cream however of different gratification and appeasement. “Pudding it all” actually, as one seems to get a pudding, a cake and an ice cream all at the same time…

Pudgy Pudding - "Si Pudgy at Syringe... Si Ringe Virano! Haha!!
Injecting happiness..."
“Si Pudgy at Syringe… Si Ringe Virano! Haha!! Injecting happiness…”

If that’s not a guilty pleasure that’ll make you pudgy… “pudding i-try mo, pudding-pwede! Pudding pang Fathers’ Day, pudding pang pamilya, pudding pang ano mang okasyon…” 

Eats OA fam at Pudgy Pudding
COAL fam #FourTheWean

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