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Eats OA Fam at Masamirey Cove

Masamirey Cove: A Worthwhile Experience

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When that is what it stands for being in “AWE”… “Eats OA (Our Adventure)” at Masamirey Cove in Sual, Pangasinan…

Masamirey Cove

Like Masamirey Cove’s geographical property being a mountainside inlet, ‘cove’ might as well be a prefix to “ted” for that much coveted getaway.

Masamirey Cove Pool Side

As if to ascertain that by how they have in a way tedded what looks like dried palm fronds into thatched roofs to serve as your Balinese architecture-inspired accommodation; their contemporary design for a concept likewise blends well with, most likely, one’s idea of a hidden paradise as some temporary respite away (not too far) from the modern world. Simple yet breathtaking…

Masamirey Cove's Balinese Inspired Villas

The sensation of white sand between your toes and softly pressed against your soles ostensibly marks a footprint of pure disentanglement from your daily grind.

Masamirey Cove Beach

Currently with a similarly sequestered WiFi location, your vacation will likely serve its purpose of allowing you to rather commune with nature or a more natural setting perhaps with family or whoever you’re with. 

Masamirey Cove Infinity Pool

Seemingly (or “sea-mingly”), their infinity pool subtly “mingles” with the ocean with coconut and umbrella trees outwardly planted in between. These natural foliages likewise serve to further shelter you within a sheltered recess for a shoreline as it already is, thus, living up to its tropical hideaway panorama.

Masamirey Cove Pool area

And its basin seascape thrives with a sustainable marine life from which being offered is the fresh catch of the day for your delectation however you want it cooked as per request. Luxuriating in such savory flair provides a tasteful partaking experience. Also, it thus far caters to a handful few as an apparent exclusive indulgence with only 12 rooms proportionate with their Pana Pana Bar and Restaurant’s restricted dining space which allows for a more intimate subsistence.

Thus, Masamirey Cove serves more than just food for corporeal nourishment but likewise food for the soul… what with your secluded staycation amidst its inherent setting, it feeds your senses.

An overnight stay, as per room’s standard capacity, comes with free breakfast. Thus, that’s one less meal for an outlay to worry about. As for their fare on the menu, they offer quite an ample list of choices. As for what we had:

Complimentary Breakfast at Masamirey Cove
Complimentary Breakfast
Lunch at Masamirey Cove
Dinner at Masamirey Cove
Dinner… Cold night, hence the coffee and hot choco

From its logo of what looks like a boatman with a fish net, it’s suggestive of a bountiful catch, similarly how one is to experience a lavish collection of a picture-perfect goodwill for a blessing. Sans the boon of technological boom, one is set to net a lasting recollection of time and resources well spent.

Masamirey Cove sign
MC: My Children
Masamirey Cove Room Inside
my wife, “may WiFi”
Masamirey Cove Beach
Masamirey Cove Beach
Masamirey Cove Beach
More like cream or off-white sand

Masamirey Cove
Sual, Pangasinan
Facebook Page: Masamirey Cove

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