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Food for Thought

“Coffee with Milk: Very Good Moment”

“Kape’t Gatas” like black and white is usually an analogy for that of opposing attributes. Like us, OA (O and A), we’re different from each other… We’re very much like coffee and milk. As to the actual coffee and milk, seldom do we recognize both its complementing factors considering the compounding of its elements. It becomes […]

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Food Tourism: Sustainable “Echo” Tourism

In a nutshell, ecotourism is sustainable tourism that involves every entity within an ecological system coexisting for the benefit of its biological community in general. Needless to say and to simply put it, that includes the interaction between tourists (as one entity) and the tourist spot (biological community) wherein there’s mutual gain while balancing the

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The Top 10 Rest-au’-rants in the World

‘Restaurant’ is actually a derivation from “REST” and “AURA” as conceptualized to rather address consumers’ further tiredness and to just set a vibe corresponding with ambiance, feelings, flavor, etc. Until such joint was established from a regular go-to-place to a hang-out spot for people to likewise “RANT” (ranging from food to food-for-thought and complaints of

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