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What to eat in Baguio

Food Tourism: Sustainable “Echo” Tourism

In a nutshell, ecotourism is sustainable tourism that involves every entity within an ecological system coexisting for the benefit of its biological community in general. Needless to say and to simply put it, that includes the interaction between tourists (as one entity) and the tourist spot (biological community) wherein there’s mutual gain while balancing the […]

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Publiquo Grillery: “Public Any Man Ihawan”

Publiquo Grillery is “public any man ihawan”. It basically translates to commercially anyone’s grillery… at the same time an apparent phonetical play on “public enemy no. 1” as some means to depict how it’s such a tempting treat with all the health reminders giving-in to that of “YOLO” inducement. So bad it’s good and it’s

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Bistro Lokal serving dirt

Bistro Lokal Serves Dirt! Ano Trip N’yo?!

Other than Bistro Lokal serving us dirt. They likewise made us eat charcoal. Our emotions were played with and they even made fun of my voice. Their menu was rather misdirected in “this appointment”. A day prior to our 15th wedding anniversary, we thought it’ll be nice celebrating the similarly right ingredients cooked into our

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Lomo Ribs with salad and mashed potatoes with gravy at Canto

Can’t Get Enough of… OA at Canto

If you’ve been following “O” and I for quite a while now, then you’ll know that we are a fan of Canto. I’ve written about them before on my other blogs, but because this is a new blog, I figured they deserve to be in this one too, because their food is so good, EatsOA. It’s the first place in Baguio

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Roadhouse Barn

Barn Find: Roadhouse Barn

‘O‘ and I are always on the lookout for new places to eat at, it’s literally what we do.  We revisit our favorite places from time to time but we are always looking for new places to add to our favorites list. So this time, our quest for something new brought us to Roadhouse Barn. Whenever we

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Red Rustikz signage

Red Rustikz

Discovering a new restaurant every weekend is a personal quest that ‘O’ and I have set ourselves on. This particular Sunday, we chanced upon a newly opened restaurant along Upper General Luna Road called Red Rustikz. Red Rustikz Vibe and Ambiance First of all, how unique is that name? The restaurant was well lit and

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Krispy Kreme Grand Opening in Baguio City

Welcome to Baguio Krispy Kreme!

Can you believe it? Finally! Krispy Kreme opens it’s doors here in Baguio City!🥳 Hey y’all it’s “A” of It’s OA, welcome to our newest blog, EatsOA! As the title of the blog suggests, this is a blog about our many foodventures. If you’ve been following “O” and I for quite a while now, or you

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Foggy Mountain Cookhouse

‘A’ Foggy Mountain Cookhouse Day

Finally, another foodventure with my blogging besties Sam and Xine! This time we sample food at Xine’s newest discovery, Foggy Mountain Cookhouse. From the name alone, you’ll figure out where it is and why it’s called that. Quite literally, Chef Babes’ cookhouse, also his actual home where he entertains his guests, is situated atop a

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