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Fireplace at Valencia's Restaurant

‘A’ Valencia’s Restaurant Kind Of Day

The first time I heard of Valencia’s Restaurant was when I had to drive my Mom and her friends to and from there cause that’s where they had a mini reunion in late December of last year (2022), and I remember when I picked them up they all had take away food with them and […]

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Everything Nice: A Reminder that Everything’s Nice

What’s better than to start the year with everything nice… It’s an opportune prelude to the year ahead with everything nice… Life, after all when put in proper perspective, offers everything nice. To acknowledge such optimistic disposition, it’s only proper to celebrate it with ‘everyone nice’ and in a place where, for everything partaken (food, stories,

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Pancake House: A Choice of Reassuring Goodness

It was reassuring indeed how Pancake House is reminding us of their “Choose To Feel Good” campaign with a significant ad and other yet-to-be-released video clips on how we should positively address certain life-changing situations. It’s how we react that makes a lot of difference. True enough, corresponding with Pancake House ‘s delectable treats, comfort foods become

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3BU: “A Capsulated 3BU’t”

3BU Hostel, a community, an experience and a friendship-based place to stay in… When it comes to (say) a “health remedy”, there’s the branded and the generic… Much like accommodations, there are the star-rated hotels and there are the others… Too many actually and sometimes if not usually, it’s just a place to crash-in after

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Roadhouse Barn

Barn Find: Roadhouse Barn

‘O‘ and I are always on the lookout for new places to eat at, it’s literally what we do.  We revisit our favorite places from time to time but we are always looking for new places to add to our favorites list. So this time, our quest for something new brought us to Roadhouse Barn. Whenever we

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