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Roadhouse Barn

Barn Find: Roadhouse Barn

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O‘ and I are always on the lookout for new places to eat at, it’s literally what we do.  We revisit our favorite places from time to time but we are always looking for new places to add to our favorites list. So this time, our quest for something new brought us to Roadhouse Barn.

Whenever we go to check on a place for the first time, we make it a point to go early, just before the rush hour hits; this way we get the best seats and we get dibs on whatever they’re serving for that day.

Roadhouse Barn Doors

Roadhouse Barn

It seems like Roadhouse Barn recently opened, they still had a sign that says “Soft Opening”, on their barn inspired doors.

I love the barn theme! I love the country, rustic feel of the barn.

How cool are the big barrels they have as decorations? Love that they have a bar with stools. I especially love that you can see the kitchen from the bar.

I absolutely love open kitchens, it makes me trust that they’re preparing clean and fresh food for me and my family, just like how I would do it for them when we’re at home.

Although the other seating options look comfortable enough, I’ve always preferred dining booths. It’s just cozier. If you prefer the more traditional seating, table and chairs or perhaps sitting on a bar stool by the bar, well, they have those too.

The ambiance is amazing, definitely a 10/10 for me. Now let’s get onto the food, because really, that’s what this blog is for after all.😅

So if you’re thinking, what type of food do they serve? What do you think of when you read or hear the word ‘barn’? I don’t know about you, but my mind immediately thinks of steaks and grilled meat.😁 They do have that but they also serve Filipino breakfast options, all day – which we absolutely love!

‘O’ and I are suckers for Pinoy breakfast meals, so there are times that we look for places that serve it all-day, for when we feel like eating breakfast food for lunch or dinner. I love other countries’ breakfast options too, but for us, nothing says comfort than Filipino breakfast food, especially silog*.

Breakfast for lunch or dinner…

For starters, I ordered the Tocino* Breakfast.

Tocilog at Roadhouse Barn
Tocilog: Tocino, Filipino Garlic Fried Rice, Sunny Side Up Egg

It was a pleasant surprise that tocino they have was not the cheap kind. The portion was huge and the meat was thick, as for the taste, it tasted so comforting. Not a lot of people can cook and egg to my liking, but they pulled it off! It was still runny but without the slimy part.

Super affordable for only Php149 a plate.

‘O’ ordered the Cheese Hungarian Sausage Breakfast.

Cheese Hungarian Sausage at Roadhouse Barn

It’s not as bad as it looks, although it looked a bit dry, it was only because it was flame grilled and not fried. I didn’t taste as cheesy as I expected it to be, it’s after all called a Hungarian Cheese Sausage. But for Php169, it’s good enough.

Roadhouse Barn:Steak

Since we were all having breakfast meals for lunch, we decided to order steak too.

We originally wanted the rib eye, but it wasn’t available during our visit so we opted for the Striploin Steak with Rice and Buttered Vegetables instead

You can order it with 2 choices of sides: fries, baked potato, fresh salad, buttered veggies or rice.

We opted for rice and buttered veggies because we like to think we eat healthy.😅

No one ate the buttered veggies though, I think I had a carrot but that’s about it.😂

Roadhouse Barn Striploin Steak with Rice and Buttered Vegetables
Well… You could’ve been great…

The steak cost Php499. Not as expensive as you’d think for it’s size, this steak was thiccckkk!

I like my steak medium well, because that’s how you’re supposed to eat it, take it up with Gordon Ramsay and not me! ‘O’ wants his steak cremated so he didn’t get a say on this one.😅

Unfortunately for me, they didn’t cook the steak medium well, it was medium rare, so it was still very much red and bloody in the middle. My family who prefers steak cremated didn’t enjoy it as much as they would if it was actually cooked medium well.

The parts that weren’t bloody tasted good, I actually felt a little bad because I could’ve enjoyed this more if it was cooked the way I asked it. I should have let them cremate it.🙃

I don’t ever send food back to the kitchen, even an open kitchen, I’ve seen too many Kitchen Nightmare episodes, so no thank you.

Roadhouse Barn Special

We couldn’t add this list to our Eats OA list if we didn’t order their special, so we did.

We ordered their Barn Chicken with Karee Sauce (No Spice) with a side of Fries and Buttered Vegetables. 

You can opt to have your Karee sauce in different spice levels, hot, mild or no spice. 

We ordered ours with no spice, because I’m a wimp like that.😂

You also have a choice of 2 sides, we opted for Fries and Buttered Veggies, because again, healthy eating.😅

Roadhouse Barn Chicken with Karee Sauce, Fries and Buttered Veggies

A 1/2 Barn Chicken costs 269Php and a whole Barn Chicken costs 499Php. 

The Chicken was moist but cooked all the way through with a bit of char on the outside. It tasted divine with the Karee sauce.

‘O’ said it would’ve probably tasted better with the hot Karee sauce, but what can I do? My taste buds are sensitive to anything spicy. Perhaps a little kick would have made it better, so okay, my bad, next time we’ll order it with the mild spicy Karee sauce.😁 

The fries, although cut more like wedges, which is better than just strips, could use a little more salt though.

Circling back to breakfast for lunch…

What breakfast is complete without pancakes, right? So we ordered Pancakes with Bacon.

Roadhouse Barn Pancakes with Bacon

An order of Pancakes come with 2 eggs, cooked to your liking, with a choice of Hungarian or Hungarian cheese sausage, bacon or chicken.

The pancakes were good, tasted like, well, pancakes. Although one was a bit burnt.

The bacon didn’t taste like anything though, which was weird because it wasn’t salty, smoky or sweet. It had no taste at all!

It tasted like boiled meat that was fried and that made me sad.😢

I guess this was a like a house bacon and someone forgot to cure or season it?

Oh well, the pancakes were good.

For Php149 a plate, I honestly expected better bacon, perhaps next time it will be better!

Roadhouse Barn Refreshments

Roadhouse Barn Drinks

We washed everything down with Strawberry Banana Shake and Vanilla Milkshake for the kids, I had a Cucumber Lemonade and because we went out the night before and ‘O’ had a drinking session with our friends, he had soda, Royal, specifically.

Shakes are Php80Soda and Iced Tea cost Php55 each.

I just love cucumber lemonade, very refreshing! The shakes are good too, very creamy and milky, just the way shakes are supposed to be.

Roadhouse Barn Dessert

After every meal, it is customary to ask if you want dessert, which I had room for, so I ordered an Apple Crumble Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Roadhouse Barn Apple Crumble Pie ala Mode

For Php125 a slice, I’d say it’s not bad. It’s a sweet way to end a savory (well, sweet meal for me because I had the tocino) meal.

Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience, minus the hiccup with the steak, but we will definitely be back to try the steak again and the other options on their menu as well.

The wait staff was attentive and accommodating without being annoying and I will never tire of praising this behavior.

See you again soon, Roadhouse Barn, we’re not done with you just yet.😊

Roadhouse Barn
Unit 119 G/F
Albergo Hotel, Baguio City

*Tocino - sweet cured meat, usually made of pork.
*Silog - Sinangag or Fried Rice and Sunny Side Up Egg
*Barn Find - A valuable item recovered from an undeserving storage, usually in the countryside, where it lay more or less forgotten

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