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3BU: “A Capsulated 3BU’t”

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3BU Hostel, a community, an experience and a friendship-based place to stay in…

3BU Hostel Front Desk

When it comes to (say) a “health remedy”, there’s the branded and the generic… Much like accommodations, there are the star-rated hotels and there are the others… Too many actually and sometimes if not usually, it’s just a place to crash-in after a day’s work or, specifically here in a tourist-go-to place, it’s most likely for that tired feet after a day tour. It doesn’t mean though that it shouldn’t be comfortable since it should be part of a relaxing ‘R & R’.

For all its “sleep-only” purpose for a concept, the capsule hotel was rather conceptualized and developed in Japan. It’s now here in Baguio: 3BU (pronounced, as well as a modern way of spelling ‘tribu’). And true to the city’s “communal disposition” and Baguio’s “hub for a place” sort of a geographical advantage, there is now a contemporary approach for a cost-efficient accommodation.

Bunk Beds at 3BU Hostel
Hunk in a Bunk?

For all your Baguio trip’s worth, may it be:

  • for that much needed escape
  • a visit to your Baguio-schooled kid/friend or for whatever reason
  • a stopover on your way to a mountain trek (Mt. Pulag anyone or Sagada probably?)
  • some “alone time” perhaps
  • a flitting-moment to probably meet one “summer fling” even…
  • a “barkada” escapade
  • or any of those backpacking adventures, etc.

you’d be “capsulated” into that much anticipated restorative niche. Like a generic capsule one is to take, 3BU is the stimulant that serves its purpose while giving a lot more beneficial side-effects.

As above-mentioned, it’d likely be an experience of gaining new friends as you get sheltered among a like-minded community. All-embracing side-effects indeed, other than the inclusive amenities:

  • Air-conditioned pads
  • Hot/Cold Shower
  • Locker (which one could rent out separately as storage while you’re out of town or something)
  • Dressing/Changing Room
  • a Game Room (board games, a game console, etc.)
  • WiFi
  • Netflix
  • Overflowing/bottomless drinking water
  • Free Breakfast at Liquid Black (3BU’s in-house bar/café where similarly affordable nourishments are more than hunger-busters but where you could likewise create a new experience, establish rapport and develop further network)

These allows more room for “OA” ~ Opportunities for and Accumulation of:

  • Savings (which one could use for other things)
  • More places to go to
  • Shopping for that “Baguio Pasalubong”
  • Wider affiliation
  • and perhaps, that sense of fulfillment

How “OA” is that? Eats OA!!

For more details, checkout 3BU’s Facebook Page here

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