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Lamisaan: A Table of Delectable Contents

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As comfortable as the use of the vernacular, Lamisaan which means ‘table’ in local dialect, it exudes that ‘Pinoy’ hospitality amongst the main characters to whom they’re sharing a tale of epic gastronomy.

When you go on a holiday, you create a new chapter. You add a page to your life’s table of contents. When you go to Holiday Inn, you get a full-of-content table… At Lamisaan, Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre‘s in-house restaurant, it’s a buffet of flavorful stories.

“Front Matter”

Because time is relative. Can’t wait to get-together over a cup of coffee perhaps? Or you can’t wait to share your “front page worthy” story? Flip no other pages then, just in front or along the lobby, it’s where Lamisaan is located. You won’t miss it. Whereas Holiday Inn is likewise along Legarda Road, so you really can’t miss it should that be some opening scene.


“Title Page”

Caffeinated Afternoon

Coffee, tea and MORE! Yes, Holiday Inn’s Lamisaan emphasizes the more in s-MORE-gasbord with their new offering. For P349/person from 2PM – 5PM daily, you get to enjoy a saga of “non-stop action-packed food adventure” with coffee, tea, cakes, pastries and savory dishes. It might as well be a story set in the afternoon to early dinner.

“The Muffin or Cupcake Story”


Let’s skip the other pages and mix it up a bit much like how our cravings were screaming in suspense for Lamisaan’s delectable treats… For good reason, the “Lamisaan” (buffet table) served to be a “bookmark” for the most compelling chapter of the experience. If it were a thriller for a storyline, it had us at the edge of our seats arousing our gustatory senses. Considering what they’re offering, it’s better with a prologue than a “prolong”… That’s why, here are just a few of those worthy treats so as not to “prolong” the “desire of the epicurean”…

“The ‘Red Velvet’ is a title on its own…”

“Table of Contents”

“You can have your cake and eat it too…” a bit of a plot twist there, we’ve tweaked that ‘saying’ from ‘can’t to can’ as Lamisaan’s sweet treats look so appetizing, it’s actually enticing you to eat it rather than keep it. However, it’s so inviting that should you have it to-go for someone else perhaps, your gesture would likely live up to its flavorable and favorable delight. The cake won’t be rejected for sure.

The best matcha cake I’ve had so far…

Once upon a time err I mean one “caffeinated afternoon”, Lamisaan opened their dining area for yet another quenching episode.

True enough, one gets to indulge on a stimulating dose of caffeine. It’ll be a brewing scenario of “coffee, tea or me” as you get to share some juicy details of how your day’s turning out over cups of coffee or tea with whoever you’re with… Perhaps, that’s one unfolding true-to-life story on location in a cozy nook for a setting… Lamisaan likewise ensures comfort and, in a way, some privacy with their spacious dining area free from likely “stories exaggerated into rumors by incidental eavesdroppers”. That’s not some twisted plot.

“Crackin’ a sidesplitting story”

‘LDR‘ for a romcom-like story could likewise take place… One could be on Skype or FaceTime with a loved one on the other side perhaps as Lamisaan Dining & Bar addresses such “long distance” story with their strong WiFi connection. And what better way to connect for LONGevity is their savory dish for “long life” ~ Pancit! Though it was too salty for my liking, it was a different story with the added texture of its subtly-crisped-to-perfection meat toppings though. That was some treat!

How about rewriting a few chapters of your story with the cast of characters in your life? There’s no better way to enjoy some time off specially on gloomy days this rainy season than being the protagonist in one ‘Caffeinated Afternoon’.

The banker ladies with their delightful creation…
Icing on the cake with City Tourism Officer Alec Mapalo


This is a true story.

Special Shoutout to Lamisaan’s Junior Sous Chef

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