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Pancake House: A Choice of Reassuring Goodness

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It was reassuring indeed how Pancake House is reminding us of their “Choose To Feel Good” campaign with a significant ad and other yet-to-be-released video clips on how we should positively address certain life-changing situations. It’s how we react that makes a lot of difference.

True enough, corresponding with Pancake House ‘s delectable treats, comfort foods become answers to “what could’ve been” questionable affairs. Not to the point of binge eating, but nonetheless, it favorably (and “flavorably”) substitute for that “feel good” moment. Of course, you eat right as a positive approach in nurturing yourself of that “feel good” disposition. Like some “delightful intervention”, food nourishes our body and minds to appreciate reasons behind every happening. If you’re hungry, the more you wouldn’t feel good… Thus, choose to feel good! And Pancake House offers a variety of these reassuring provisions that makes one feel good depending on your choice.

Moringa Cucumber Smoothie

Living up to such encouragement for a good feeling and filling, Pancake House initiated an “infinite PASTAbility” of a satisfying subsistence which represents for longevity even… For P299, Pancake House’s “Spaghetti All You Can” promo comes with a free glass of iced tea. That means it’s a “pasta” (not “slowa”) way of stretching your budget and longer time to be together with whoever your enjoying your “food trip” with… That’ll certainly feel good.

Pan Chicken

Pancake House ’s spaghetti isn’t even your ordinary pasta in some tomato sauce as it’s rather permeated with their signature meat sauce. I almost had 3 servings of it if not for their other delectable treats. Needless to say, you‘d get or perhaps satiate your carb and meat intake right there… One could even request to take it easy on the sousing of their sauce should you find its rich flavor too overwhelming for your taste. If you’re even craving for a complementing spaghetti match, you could perhaps order Pancake House ’s version of a crispy and tender fried chicken with their Pan Chicken or perhaps a welcome treat of their chicken quesadilla.

Chicken Quesadilla

Pancake House ’s Spaghetti All You Can is from June 10 – 15 and another one from June 24 – 29. In choosing to feel good though, it doesn’t end there, yet it could be a start… Choose to feel good, Spaghetti All You Can!

Whatever spoils your recourse to feel good, there’s a better course at Pancake House!

Whatever it is, let’s TACO ’bout it…
Spaghetti All You Can could be a nurturing early treat in celebration of Fathers’ Day

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