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Sago't Gulaman at Bagong Bayani

Bagong Bayani: Heroic Means to Quench the Dry Spell

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Who is this Bagong Bayani?

Depicting how beautiful and with so much to offer is our local allure…
  • Back then, ‘pearl shakes’ made the ground shake (pun intended) with long queues.
  • For the longest time, branded coffees tickled or still tickling the fancy of brand-conscious consumers.
  • In recent times up til now, popular milk tea brands are raking in good sales.
  • Over time, the health-conscious are being squeezed of “remedy for healthy returns” for the organic/natural fruit juices‘ trade and commerce.
“Reputation differs from character”

These products somehow influenced the status quo. It apparently commanded a hefty price which included the cost of a status symbol. It emptied wallets, it dried up resources. It muddled up priorities… Though the small-scale competitors were competitive in aspects that mattered, commercialism’s upscale marketing scorched them dry in the impracticality of a fancied public image. ‘Branding’ branded the “unbranded” as lacking in the pull of societal stature.

Quite a few “from the unknown”, like heroes with humble beginnings, challenged the elaborate competition to establish a name. Economy’s fluctuating… some can’t keep up, some in a dry spell, others just dried up… the same with the average consumers’ unsustainable impulse; in need of “saving/s”…

“Image is but a viewpoint”

And to “save the day”, there’s a new hero in town… Bagong Bayani! A refreshing start that quenches that sort of fiscal drought. Wanting still to enjoy the same experience without sacrificing quality and savings? And just how will Bagong Bayani save us? May it be your thirst for a contemporary refreshment or for that of practicality, Bagong Bayani is your protagonist.

Bagong Bayani, 2nd Floor, Porta Vaga Annex

Much like how its name Bagong Bayani was conceptualized, the idea of putting up the business was as spontaneous, in consideration of offering a rather affordable beverage (and matching edibles) yet competitive enough to provide quality however practical alternative.

Need a “boost”? Bagong Bayani has the right one for you…

Value for money is what’s rather considered in targeting consumerism over commercialism. In doing so, Bagong Bayani likewise “freed the suppressed and disadvantaged merchants”; quelling brand prejudice. It paved the way for local and small-time suppliers for Bagong Bayani to meet not just the prevailing cost but also the qualitative value they pass on to consumers.

“Mabuhay! May we take your order…”

And passing it on their ‘Hand Crafted Palamigs’, together with their sidekicks err side dish that’ll redeem back your cravings, here are just some of their thirst saviors. A team of “mga bayani”, thus remove the ‘i’ in savior and you’d savor these:

Sago’t Gulaman

The Classic: Sago’t Gulaman with a sweetener you’d be guessing what it is as it’ll be on the tip of your tongue… Most likely for the health or figure conscious, you’d be saved from this “sugar free” indulgence.

Summer Day

Summer Day: As the name suggests, it’ll somehow remind you of summer. And that melon refreshment will indeed refresh your childhood memories. Similar to that sidewalk vendor’s tempting melon drink offering sans your reservation from the uncertainty of its preparation and handling.

La Presa = La Frezza

La Frezza: Sipping through the ‘straw,’ this strawberry drink could give you ‘brain freeze’ for all the “berry” good reasons.

“Eats Water Melon! Mabuhay Eats OA!”

Waters of March: If this “palamig” for a ‘Bagong Bayani’ is some superhero, it’ll be “Iron Man” for the IRONy it’s hinting on… Much like how it’s suggesting the refreshing splash of coolness in the hotness of the season.

Their best seller so far…

Chill Pill: Chillax! It’s not their best seller for nothing…

“Mabuhay Eats In Baguio! Choco for you”

Everyday: As stirred up as our needed energy everyday…

The Other Bloggers, Mabuhay!

The Casual: Let’s be casual with this one, I’d casually say, of all these “bayani drinks”, The Casual is “my Jose Rizal”. For a coffee, it’s not that strong as “Atapang a tao” yet it delivers that punch (dose of caffeine), enough to wake you up to the reality how good this is; very casual…

The Menu

If there are “mga palamig na panulak”, these are the complementing “mga masarap na pambara”:

A touch of Cucinino

Pesto Grilled Chicken Inasal: Imagine your fave Cucinino’s signature pesto (minus the pasta) on a flatbread… Even the Avengers will acknowledge Bagong Bayani. And if they’re not busy saving the world, they’d be caught between “their usual shawarma” and this pesto delight.

Double order is for P110 (Single P65)

Cheese Bistek Tagalog: More than a local version, it’s Bagong Bayani’s version of a cheese steak sandwich …with a twist

“2 in 1”

Baguio Longganisa: If you haven’t tried Baguio Longganisa, you might as well try it with a flatbread at Bagong Bayani as it already combines the two variants, the garlic and the hamonado… “Tila naghahamon” – it’s a call though you dare not miss.

Much like Superheroes with other powers (i.e., other than a “man of steel”, Superman also has x-ray vision, etc.), Bagong Bayani has also these to offer:


If Smallville has Superman, Gotham has Batman, Townsville has the Powerpuff Girls and so on, Baguio has Bagong Bayanitagapagtanggol err tagapagtanggal ng uhaw!

And the day is served err saved… Thanks to the Bagong Bayani!


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