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Where to stay in Baguio City?

Featuring places to stay at as a family when in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.

Tudor in the Pines: Come To Your Senses

Tudor in the Pines, by way of its doors to a worthwhile experience, is a 5-door access to sensibilities. Be transported back in time and in a whole new picturesque environs… Much like furthering on our 5 basic senses, we get to feed our other senses with comforting subsistence. At Tudor in the Pines, we […]

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3BU: “A Capsulated 3BU’t”

3BU Hostel, a community, an experience and a friendship-based place to stay in… When it comes to (say) a “health remedy”, there’s the branded and the generic… Much like accommodations, there are the star-rated hotels and there are the others… Too many actually and sometimes if not usually, it’s just a place to crash-in after

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