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Publiquo Grillery: “Public Any Man Ihawan”

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Publiquo Grillery is “public any man ihawan”. It basically translates to commercially anyone’s grillery… at the same time an apparent phonetical play on “public enemy no. 1” as some means to depict how it’s such a tempting treat with all the health reminders giving-in to that of “YOLO” inducement. So bad it’s good and it’s one “badass enemy” you want to subdue with double emphasis on ‘eat’ in “defEAT the mEAT”…after you grill ‘em!

“Meat” ’em all
“World Collective Grill”

Much like how you’d be grilled for it as to why give in to this smokin’ hot temptation, truth is, such EATsperience justifies your indulgence. All the while I thought, having seen them serve premium steaks (wagyu and all), Publiquo Grillery projected that certain exclusivity intended for a particular target market. Then, much like how anything public seems reasonably communal, Publiquo lived up to its name; yet tweaking the status QUO to rather balance the “embers and flare-ups” (“main courses and square meals/hors d’oeuvres and street foods”) for their exquisite commercial delights to be available for any man…

“You’d definitely not chicken out”

Moreover, as if men do not have free-will as much as moods and cravings, Publiquo offers a wide array of delectable and quenching treats; from full meals to finger food/appetizers to “tanpuluts” (pulutan/beer match), even dessert… And as drool-worthy grilled meat is as pulutan over a glass/pint of beverage from a varied selection of locally brewed craft beers or gustatorily spiked cocktails (and mocktails), Publiquo similarly “stews and brews” that sort of appetite.


Thus, “any how” (pun intended) you like your grilled treat, from graduations of doneness (rare to well-done) to food pairing and food combining, it’ll most likely satisfy one’s food craving. Marinated with their signature (or secret) marinade perhaps or with their condiment to match your order, Publiquo apparently concocted an infusion of well-balanced ingredients that seemingly pervades the air through a hypnotic grill smoke permeating into our inciting gusto…

“BBQuo yan ha!”

As hinted early on, consciousness (health and age wise) could dictate our (or for me at least) alimentary preference, however, Publiquo’s offerings are as tempting as tolerating Robin Hood’s flawed generosity. A peccant weakness you’d succumb to which could be likened to accepting The Godfather’s protection or gaining some assuring safety from the notoriety of The Punisher. Yet, if I’d subject my body’s state of health to a punishment with some guilty pleasure, one could be the indulgence of that platter of fatty meat (an all-fat BBQ which forgot what it’s called) I had at Publiquo. Generally, it’s that good. Make that “Eat, that’s good!” Much like an “enemy you like to make amends with”, you coexist with these temptations like how it is at Gotham with their caped crusader for a vigilante…

Nonetheless, health conscious or not, Publiquo is more than just another grillery para sa publiko but a go-to-place to please your “mood for grilled food”.

…and their ‘Ice Scrambol’ changed “brain freeze” with “time freeze” as it took me back in time with a nostalgia of flavorful memories…
Adapting to the #newnormal
A good place to unwind even along today’s ‘new normal’ setup… (EatsOA couple with former Baguio Mayor Pedz Bautista)
“Eats O & A”

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