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Bistro Lokal Serves Dirt! Ano Trip N’yo?!

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Other than Bistro Lokal serving us dirt. They likewise made us eat charcoal. Our emotions were played with and they even made fun of my voice. Their menu was rather misdirected in “this appointment”.

A day prior to our 15th wedding anniversary, we thought it’ll be nice celebrating the similarly right ingredients cooked into our togetherness throughout those years in a fitting backdrop for a setting which is Bistro Lokal.

“Bistro Lokal is an inviting ingredient in elevating our local cuisine worthy of deeming Baguio as one gastronomic hub…”

Bistro Lokal have this new tasting menu we assumed to be as satisfying as their usual knack for delectable cookery. We never thought we’d be in for a surprise! With their wonted out-of-the-box gastronomic treat served to be indeed a surprise, it was on the offensive end to subdue our gustatory and inner senses. Napamura nalang ako! We exclaimed with delight!



Bistro Lokal calls it ‘Terrarium’ as it’s served in a small bowl, a seeming “plant soil in a pot” you’d delve in. Curious, I “shoveled” some of it into my mouth and I was like “WTF%¿|?!” (Food… What The Food?! I mean) as it was surprisingly good. I never thought I’d eat these “edible dirt and palatable stone”. PUTEK! ANG SARAP!

I MENU harm

Before that “edible dirt” though, the first thing you’d see, the menu of course …turned “off course” so I thought. Called “Smoke and Paper”, their edible menu – as part of the several-course meal? Aba ma-papel! However, don’t roll your eyes, roll the menu instead. This “consumable menu” is as well some means to correlate with their objective to put back the fun in feeding your senses… Consum(e)mately, it’s for both your delectable and emotional experience that of which satiates your sensory faculty more than just your sense of taste… As if to roll every offering in there into one, you roll it like cheese stick or spring roll once you’ve spread the “tomato-tinapa keso” on it and voila! A different kind of high unlike rolling a joint… Smokin’ paper! err I mean, Holy Smokes!


Now, this is what really made me high. High in some enthralling trance… Bistro Lokal’s “Sea and River”. It’s tuna and salmon topped with citrus and ginger caviar with raw strawberry kinilaw dressing and bugnay shallots amply scorched atop a hot stone. At a loss for words other than “Mmmm…” kind of high, I HIGHly recommend this!

OA N’yo!

Their “Oysters from Aklan”, an Overwhelming Aphrodisiac I must say as it further aroused our senses… Prepared in 2 ways, hot and cold, their ‘Aklan Oysters’ certainly heats up your appetite yet it cools down one’s temperament… as if transfiguring an outward scarcity of cravings into something worthwhile much like turning a “setback” to sit back as some enticing foreplay prior to an orgasmic burst of flavors.

OA sa Sarap!

“ULING-huli Na Kita!”

Char! — “Coal” it fake or whatever… I’d call it gastronomical innovation. It looks real, however it tastes artificial; it doesn’t taste like charcoal at all! That’s because it’s actually not. Served with meat, Bistro Lokal’s 3-Cut BBQ is some means for them to further feed consumers’ cognition to be nourished beyond first impressions. The 3 different cuts of “pine-scented” meat and the “faux art charcoal” for a purported “mock-up designer food” is one manifestation how Bistro Lokal is apparently 3 cuts above the rest… Along today’s “social media storyline and Instagrammable-based” society, their collaboration produces a rhythm that makes pan sound like fun so to speak. I say it’s passion.

This pine-scented meat is as Cordillera as it could be…

OCEANana Meat-ten!

Fish or meat? White fish in turmeric oil and pumpkin seafood sauce or pork tenderloin in caramelized apple purée with kinuday, mushroom and turnip? ‘Ocean’ or ‘Filet’? Your choice… Whatever you choose though, you’d never go wrong… both are favorably (as much as flavorfully) delightful.

“Hell Yeah, Mmmm!”

That might as well be “Hell, Yum!” However it may sound (as I actually sounded like a cartoon character), it’s HELIUM bursting out with a fruity flavor from Bistro Lokal’s ‘Fruit Balloon’. A prelude to the main dessert, it’s an edible balloon that’s utterly inflated with an air of unconventional joy. Along today’s “social media storied” society, it’s one story as Instagrammable as a party popper. Aptly, in celebration of an occasion worthy of these celebratory meal courses… Nakakataba (ng puso)… Lumobo nanaman… OH HELL, YOU MāDe HER FATTER!

“Shut Up Already!”

That’s for me though — as assumedly referring to ‘her’, the wifey, how she’s getting fatter is like me asking for a “swift stroke”, I won’t hear the last of it. There’ll be no limit. Consequently, next is “No Boundaries”. It’s Bistro Lokal’s “sweet stroke” for an abstract expression through a palette of flavors, textures and colors on a (glass) canvas with a delightful depiction of a consumable artwork. And a rather better “last c_urse” (as well as rec_urse) would be “Shut up and take my money!”

At any rate, Bistro Lokal’s new tasting menu is such a trip. It could even be an attraction among tourists considering their a-notch-higher artisanal take on culinary art coexisting and analogous to that of the creative city that Baguio is… Considering it’s of kindred zest with the local and even an inviting ingredient to that of Department of Tourism – Cordillera’s “Mangan Taku Cordillera Food Fair”, Bistro Lokal lives up to elevating our local cuisine worthy of deeming Baguio as one gastronomic hub…


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