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Food Fests

Mangan Taku: A Cordillera FEASTival in the Making

Mangan Taku is actually a Cordillera food fair, hence the name. An annual event spearheaded by the Department of Tourism (DOT) – The Cordilleras. However, with the staging of this year’s version, the ‘Hybrid Edition”, they certainly outdid themselves. Accordingly, proving to be “hybrids” themselves with their ideas outwardly fused with the concept of innovation, […]

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Food Tourism: Sustainable “Echo” Tourism

In a nutshell, ecotourism is sustainable tourism that involves every entity within an ecological system coexisting for the benefit of its biological community in general. Needless to say and to simply put it, that includes the interaction between tourists (as one entity) and the tourist spot (biological community) wherein there’s mutual gain while balancing the

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